I had horrible nail fungus for ten years.

In December of 2014 I decided I was finally going to do something about it.

There are so many different prescription drugs on the market, and they’re either insanely expensive or have weird side effects like possible liver damage or not being able to taste anything.

I decided I would try a more natural approach. There are about a million different nail fungus home remedies out there, and I spent hours reading about them. I wanted to know which one was worth investing months of my time. I didn’t want to have to experiment.

Well I couldn’t find the answer. There are a lot of articles that offer advice and you wonder whether the people who wrote them even had nail fungus. Sometimes you will read the comments section on these pages and see an idea that looks promising, but there’s no follow up (did it actually work or what?). What you will not find much of is someone saying, “I cured my nail fungus and this is exactly what I did.”

There aren’t many people who have actually described the process, took pictures and recorded results over the long period of time that it takes to get rid of nail fungus.

So I decided I would make this site.

I don’t care who sees pictures of my ugly toenails!

After much research I made a decision. My home remedy for nail fungus is a combination of three different things.

1. Tea tree oil

Scientific studies have proven its antifungal properties in vitro, and it is a well-known home remedy for toenail fungus.

2. Coconut oil

This is a carrier oil is which reduces the risk of getting a rash from the tea tree oil, which can be harsh if used undiluted. It has also been shown to have antifungal properties as well.

3. Urea cream

This softens the crumbly crud that accumulates under the nail. My theory was that it would enhance the absorption and efficacy of the tea tree oil. When I started, I used a product called Kerasal Nail (active ingredient = urea), but I have since switched to 40% urea cream. It’s much more economical to buy it this way.

This worked amazingly well, and you can look at the diary and see what great progress I made in the first weeks and months. However, I grew impatient and thought that maybe there was a ‘perfect’ formula yet to be discovered. I experimented with replacing tea tree oil with other things (oregano oil, terbinafine cream, thyme oil). I wasted about a year floundering around, and then I went back to my original and best remedy.

Nothing else I have tried has worked like tea tree oil.

Today my toenails look great. I never thought I would be rid of this. They aren’t thick and yellow anymore, and are nearly completely grown out.

Before and after.

Here’s my guide that shows you exactly what I do every day.

Here’s my diary which shows my progress over time.

The most important thing is that you stick with it and give it your best effort. If I can do this, with as horrible as my nails were for so many years (worse than 90% of cases probably) then you can too!

I wish you luck, and sincerely hope that this information is helpful to you. As a side note, I receive no compensation if you decide to purchase anything I link to on this website.

Your friend in fighting nail fungus,

Nail fungus guy, John

Nothing on this site is medical advice, and you shouldn’t treat it like it is. Full disclaimer stating this in legalese