Nail fungus update March 2021

Four years later… March 2021

Tea tree oil for nail fungus results, March 2021

Hello again! It’s been four weeks or so since my last update, so here it is. I’ve seen a huge improvement already. The first thing I did after I took the pictures last time is aggressively trim and file my toenails. This made a huge difference.

Not having to apply the tea tree oil mixture twice a day has been so relieving.

I don’t have to worry about the extra time spent in the morning, or smelling funny at work! It looks like the modified simpler regimen will be effective, but I am not ready to rewrite my Nail Fungus Treatment Guide yet, since I know that worked. If things continue improving, I will do that in two or three more months.

One thing to note that I didn’t mention last month. Once I apply the urea cream to the nails before bed, I put fresh socks on. I put it on fairly heavily so without socks, it would get all over the place. I definitely recommend this.

See below for the close up photos of each foot. Looks quite a bit better, don’t you think?

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