Nail Fungus Update, April 2017

Products used: 1 part thyme oil to 5 parts coconut oil AM, urea cream PM

For over a year, I have been experimenting with various other treatments besides the first one I tried (tea tree oil, coconut oil, Kerasal Nail).

After three months of using thyme oil, I have concluded that neither it nor anything else I’ve used up to this point is as strong as tea tree oil as a topical anti-fungal. Period.  I wish I never switched away from using it, but I thought at the time I could find something that would work better or faster.

I think that after a while of treating nail fungus, you end up knocking out the weaker strains of the fungus and leaving the strongest, meanest, angriest strains.  I’m concerned that this last bit of fungus that is holding on is a more resistant strain of fungus than what I started with. Could this be why it’s such a difficult condition to be completely rid of?

Due to these concerns, I’m going to hit it hard with everything I’ve got.  Starting today I am going back to the original, tried and true tea tree oil mixture – except I’m going to be applying the tea tree oil as strong as I can stand it.  Originally I mixed it 1:20 with coconut oil.  Now I’m just going to put it on undiluted and then rub some coconut oil on.  See the step by step guide for details.

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  1. I got a nail fungus infection a few years ago now, used prescription penlac on a couple of my nails it worked but it’s horrible stuff. Then I got shellac manicures most of last summer and my fungus returned. So since last October I’ve been using various essential oils, frankincense, thyme, tee tree all applied neat just rubbed on with a q tip. Then I started using high strength oregano oil, applied with a q tip many times a day and taken orally. I finally went to see a podiatrist who told me to carry on with what I’m doing it will eventually work but to apply the oil to all my other nails as well as a preventative measure. I try not to wear socks and keep my feet clean and nails really short. My podiatrist also said Vick’s vapour rub seems to work really on nail fungus too. The main thing is time and patience and perseverance, and it can return!

  2. Hi John,
    I am fighting now for 3 years with my 2 toenails infected…i tried some different treatments, always wanted to use natural ones, like you do because don’t want any other problems appearing with toxic solution.
    After reading your comments about your way to treat yours i am very satisfied with coconut oil and tea tree oil as you suggest.
    I have the infection from 15 years ago now! I really want them away now.
    So thank you for your post because it’s after reading it that i find, i think, the best way to treat my nails.
    You write that you want now to try with a more concentrated tea tree mixture.
    My way is to put a very little bit of coconut cream on a spoon ( i use cooking coconut one which is only liquid at about 40°)
    and to warm it on my stove or just a lighter, then i ad a drop or 2 of tea tree oil and then put half a spoon on each infected nails. I is close of how you treat your nails but maybe to have the mixture well liquid and a bit warm helps to penetrate into the nails…
    Now my nails are 85% well…hope in a year i will win my fight!
    Thanks John for all what your wrote, it helped me and other people with good advices.

  3. This is awesome, I’ve battled toe nail fungus for years and would love to find a real option that does cost a fortune and require regular doctors visits and blood tests to monitor the strong prescription medications that are available.

  4. Mine seems to have cleared up. It didn’t take too long and I used neat Tea Tree oil and coconut oil morning and night; I’m very pleased with the result. I didn’t find any problem with neat Tea Tree oil I just dripped it onto clean toe nails and ensured it got into the crevices and under the nail and then put coconut oil on afterwards. Every few days I would clean out from under the nails before using the oils and I kept the nails very short. I do think I caught it fairly early though.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am also currently battling with my toe nails and your blog is invaluable! Best of luck for the final bit.

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