Nail Fungus Treatment Picture 1

Nail Fungus Update, January 2015

Products used:  1 part tea tree oil to 20 parts coconut oil AM, Kerasal Nail PM

Week 1

Nail Fungus Treatment Picture 1

This is how my toenails have looked for the better part of 10 years.  Thick, yellow and ugly.  Beginning today, I will use the Kerasal Nail in the evening, and tea tree oil/ coconut oil in the morning.  See you in a week!

Week 2

Nail Fungus Treatment Picture 2

After only a week of treatment, things are looking better.  I have been able to cut my toenails down much shorter than was previously possible, so my feet feel more neat and clean.  Kerasal Nail has really softened up the crumbly crud and I was able to trim them without pain.

A few nails are angled upwards nearly 90 degrees.  I hope that as they continue to grow and more keratin is dissolved, the angle will decrease.

Nail Fungus Treatment Picture 3

Overall I am satisfied with the level of progress so far.  I believe the tea tree oil is now coming in direct contact with the nail bed which seems to be the key to killing the fungus.

Week 3

Nail Fungus Treatment Picture 4

This week I was able to continue trimming my nails down, and even more of the crumbly crud is gone.  The nails are beginning to thin as well.  I started mixing the tea tree oil with coconut oil to make it a little less harsh, since it is causing irritation to my skin.

Nail Fungus Treatment Picture 5

I think it’s working though, and I wouldn’t just use the Kerasal Nail by itself without the tea tree oil.  Think of the Kerasal as what is eroding the fungal tissue on the surface, which allows the tea tree oil to get to the leading edge of the infection (this is just a theory but it seems to make sense to me).

If you are going to start treating your toenails, know that it is going to take a while.  If a product claims that it can cure nail fungus overnight, be wary.  These days it seems everyone wants an instant fix for their problems, and when it comes to toenail fungus, you just aren’t going to find one.

Week 4

Kerasal Nail Review Week 4

It’s been three full weeks of treatment now.  My nails are whiter, thinner, and shorter and they don’t hurt when I put pressure on them.   I think this is because the hard, fungusy material from under my nails has slowly softened and come loose.

Since I began mixing the tea tree oil with coconut oil, the little red spots have started going away.

coconut oil for nail fungus

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  1. Okay. Ran across this by complete accident. I came all the way back to the beginning and I have to say I am truly amazed. Your nails here are atrocious! And looking at the most recent pics I am astonished. This is the first time I have seen anyone post actual improvements. You should do an update with a side by side before and after. I am going to try your regimen. My nails aren’t quite this bad but I think I am headed that way. Thank you for this blog. I am going to share it with others.

  2. Toenail fungus is a sneaky thing! Looking back, I now realize that my nails must have been infected 3 or 4 years ago from using a communal swimming pool. I noticed that my big toenails especially were becoming thicker, but just put it down to old age. I didn’t much like the look of them, but having never been one to paint my toenails etc I just got on with life. Even when my big toenails seemed to be detaching themselves at the cuticle a month or so ago, it never occurred to me that it was a fungal infection. I just thought it must be something to do with hypothyroidism or B12 deficiency, both of which I have. Then a couple of days ago, they suddenly seemed to have turned yellow! That’s when I rushed to the computer to ask Dr. Google what was up. I am astonished that it could get this far without me realizing what was going on. Anyway, the good news is that I started your regimen yesterday. Just hope it works for me. Aged, diabetic. And don’t suggest I see a doctor. I do better doctoring myself and much prefer natural methods over medicinal. 🙂

    Thank so much for posting your experience. Makes it so much easier for the rest of us! 🙂

  3. I have had nail fungus for the last 7 years. I practiced swimming. Treatments never worked so, I gave up 4 years ago. i’m 42 but you look younger than me, why did you let the infection spread so much? treatment is working?

    1. Post

      Hi, yes indeed the treatment is definitely working. Why did I let it spread so much? I don’t know. Nail fungus is something that slowly spreads and to which you become accustomed, I suppose.

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