Nail fungus update week 24

Nail Fungus Update, June 2015

Products used:  1 part tea tree oil to 20 parts coconut oil AM, Kerasal Nail PM

Week 22

Nail fungus remedy week 22 picture

So close!  I can’t believe that it has been over 5 months since I started this.

Week 23

Nail fungus remedy week 23

I want to share part of a great comment from a reader:

I wanted to cheer you on and also say that it may not be so important which route you take, but that you persevere. No such thing as a quick fix, and there are many things that work. For it to be beaten you have to be willing to put in the effort for the long haul (and by long haul I mean the rest of your life really). It will take about a year and a half for it to be beaten, and then you have to continue healthy practices to keep it at bay.

I believe this is very true.  I am sure that many different effective remedies for toenail fungus exist, but the most important factor is perseverance.

Week 24

nail fungus home remedy week 24

6 months and going strong!  I have two more weeks till my trip to Hawaii, and I am not concerned about covering my feet when I am there now.  They still don’t look 100% better yet, but only I will notice.  The last time I went to Hawaii five years ago, my toenails were so yellow and twisted that I kept water shoes on the whole time I was at the beach.  What a relief to not have to worry about that anymore!

Week 25

Week 25 nail fungus remedy, tea tree oil

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  1. Hi I just came across this. I had it since I can remember and am 60 now. My nails were really really bad- thick, ugly and I hid my feet constantly. About 10 years ago I was prescribed Lamisil- took it and little by little I got cured. The problem is- it came back. I did the treatment and again- expensive and from what I read can be hard on the liver. I realized that the problem kept coming back because I wan’t careful to change habits. So I wanted to underline what you are saying that you have to keep at it forever- simply because if not it will come back. For the last year I have soaked in Apple Cider Vinegar and then applied VIcks. I cut the nails as short as I can. One of them. They have mostly cleared up except for one. But I am now going to try the cream you recommend (I just ordered it) and the tea tree oil. I think there are ways to beat this- I like the idea of the light in the shoes. Thanks for posting- hope my confirming your message of keeping at it and making it a habit, helps. Ill be returing to read your posts.

  2. Marvellous!

    I managed to look through your diary in reverse and first off thought what is this man talking about. He says his nails improve weekly.. But by my reckoning they get worse week after week after week.

    Then I realised I was going backwards in time!

    Very impressed. I’ve got a slight fungal issue on three nails which has been helped by weekly soaks in tea tree, epsom salts and hydrogen peroxide in warm water baths. I am going to add the direct tea tree and coconut daily now. Will be following the regrowth of those toenails of yours…hopefully in the right direction this time!

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