June 2017 tea tree oil for nail fungus picture

Nail Fungus Update, June 2017

Products used: tea tree oil & coconut oil AM, urea cream PM

June 2017 tea tree oil for nail fungus picture

I am happy to report that after switching back to tea tree oil, my nails are looking fantastic again. I am so glad I switched back.  Tea tree oil all the way!

June 2017 toenail fungus tea tree oil detail

The right big toenail which has been so problematic is really showing progress again!  Woo hoo!

In my last post, I was wondering if somehow by treating nail fungus, you are growing ever more resistant strains of fungus that become harder and harder to kill.  I was happy to read a study about tea tree oil (the same one linked from the main page on this site).  Experiments have been done to see if fungus becomes resistant to tea tree oil; here is an excerpt from that study:

“With regard to fungi, an attempt to induce resistance to TTO in two clinical isolates of Candida albicans was largely unsuccessful, with isolates failing to grow in 2% (vol/vol) TTO after serial passage in increasing concentrations of TTO.”

This gives me hope the fungus isn’t going to grow resistant to it and start taking over again.  🙂 I can’t wait to share my next update!

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  1. I have been through your every post here. I found this study a few weeks ago, which is what accidentally brought me to your blog. I was searching for that study to get these ingredients they used and boom. There you were in the search results. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1997117/

    I just want to say to readers that one thing I did a long time ago was to go online and but really cheap disposable toothbrushes in bulk. I think Vitality medical was the site I bought from. Anyhoo, I think it helps to keep the fungus at bay if you don’t use the same cleaning tools over and over. I also never use the same nail scissors or clippers twice. Since the nails aren’t growing all that quick it doesn’t cost me too much.

  2. Yoooooooo I just wanted to thank you. Your protocol seems to be starting to work for me after many years of embarrassment and hiding my feet. I did notice more of a faster change immediately when I added the Urea.

  3. Good to see your update John! Your nails are looking good.
    My update is that I seem to have beaten the fungus! Very pleased about that. For me it was just TTO and coconut oil twice a day.
    Keep up the good work everyone!

  4. Thanks for the link to the study. I too had been wondering whether my athlete’s foot would grow resistant to tea tree oil. I have been using it since September 2016. For the last 3 months I have managed to keep the fungus at bay by daily washing my feet and applying TTO between my toes. I put tissue paper between my toes after washing them and before applying the TTO to ensure that they are completely dry. So far no recurrence. The athlete’s foot had been very very resistant to over the counter medication in the UK such as terbinafine and the doctor prescribed Daktacort gel which finally did the trick. Otherwise she was going to send off skin scrapings to the lab.

    My partner is the one with the nail fungus and his nails are finally growing back fine. I caught a little of the fungus on my 2 big toes from him but seem to have managed to treat that with Loceryl. He also is using Loceryl and I try to get him to use the TTO as well. I am pretty sure that all these toe infections originated with him not treating his athlete’s foot. His nails were dreadful until I insisted he treat them which was a pity as he has nice feet. Getting him to change his socks regularly is still an ongoing struggle.

  5. I have a 20 year plus infection. I’ve been using your guide for about 9 months now. Finally method that actually shows some progress! I have to say my toenails look tons better than they have in years, I actually dare go barefoot at times in public, if I’m barefoot, I don’t immediately run for footwear when someone comes near. At the same time, I can’t believe the stubbornness of this infection. I went into this originally thinking maybe a year of work and I’d be fungus free. But watching your progress and setbacks, the clearing followed by blooms of infection, the far from linear results, and knowing I’ve been having nearly the same experience. Many times thinking it’s gone for good only to have reinfection, below the progress line. It’s a war of attrition, slowly but surely I’m reducing the numbers, I win some, I lose some, but the net seems to be a gain.
    This is an extremely tenacious infection! I have found the folds of skin along the sides of the nail seem to be particularly stubborn. I have seen good clearing for several months in a row only to see the infection start again along the side of the nail due to a deep pocket of keratin debris. I cut back and dig along the side, then start making progress again. It sounds barbaric, but I’ve found a Dremel tool to be extremely helpful in cleaning things up. I can’t believe how hard the Keratin is. I’ve decided this time I’m going to win this war. I’m going to stay the course and keep going until I’ve completely eradicated this infection. Good luck to you too! After 9 months of using your guide, my nails are in nearly the same shape as yours, this give me hope while at the same time realizing the battle we’re all in for.

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