nail fungus treatment week 18

Nail Fungus Update, May 2015

Products used:  1 part tea tree oil to 20 parts coconut oil AM, Kerasal Nail PM

Week 18

nail fungus treatment week 18

I noticed something new this week, the nail beds appear to be fungus free.  When you have toenail fungus, it isn’t just your nail that is infected.  You also have the fungus living down in the soft tissue under your nail, you just normally don’t see it.  Since I have trimmed my nails really short, I have been able to see that this soft tissue was yellow and abnormally thick.  They now seem to be their normal thickness, and completely pink.

Week 19

Kerasal Nail and TTO week 19

Everything is going well this week.

Week 20

Week20 Kerasal and tea tree oil for nail fungus

5 months now and my nails look better than ever!  I just started the third tube of Kerasal Nail, so each tube has lasted 2.5 months, and that’s with me applying it to every nail.  It would last much longer if you only had a couple nails to treat.  I had originally bought two one-ounce bottles of tea tree oil, and they are gone now.  I still have a LOT of coconut oil left, more than half of a 32 ounce jar.

Week 21

nail fungus diary week 21

This week I have pretty much stopped clipping my nails and am just waiting for them to grow out.

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